Expectations for this course:

on August 29, 2012

I teach middle school and I would love to gather tools to help me reach the “digital native” throughout this course. I would love to provide various tools to the students to help them study, learn and engage in science. Being a science teacher, I feel that I will be able to learn about many tools that a  science class can benefit from. I also want to learn about opportunities for a teacher to grow professionally through social networking. I am sure the possibilities are endless of how to incorporate social networking into the classroom. I just want to learn about all of the options available, for cost but mostly I am interested in the free programs. I would love to find out if a system like blackboard, sakai, or canvas are available for teachers to use in their own classroom! I expect to be learning alot, as the first two weeks, I am already introduced to new sites!


3 responses to “Expectations for this course:

  1. macrtblog says:

    I teach in a health technology program. I like your expectations in that you want to explore new possiblities then apply them for you and your students. This is a winning situation for all!

  2. kotchjester says:

    Hi Miss Craig! It looks like we are hoping to get a lot of the same learning experiences out of this course. I especially like the idea of free programs, since we already use so much out of pocket money, and the districts seem to be in financial binds. Before today, I was only using Pinterest and Facebook. It looks like I have a lot of learning to do with all of these new sites! Looking forward to working with you this semester!

  3. Well,
    As a late arrival, I feel that I am in a social media Tsunami. There is so much…out there to learn and follow that it make one head spin…I now more than ever see the need to develop a system to organize an manage Web 2.0 tools before they manage you.

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