Watching class online..wishing I was present in class

on September 13, 2012

As I was watching class from afar I decided to make some connections with some of my classmates! Here are some connections that I made with my classmates while watching class: Meg Grotti- Meg, we had class together in the past! I really like your drawing of shoes on your about me site.  Stacy Kotch-Jester- We both teach in Appoquinimink School District and I like pinterest too! Sam Johnson- Sam, we have also had class together in the past. I think it is very interesting that you worked for Dupont at one point! Charles Mac-I think its interesting that you teach college! I would love to teach college one day! Amy Mooney- That picture is adorable on your about me. That’s great that you got free computers! That job msut be challenging teaching other teachers about technology! Ethan- I like your background! Chris Patterson- I have a degree in elementary education as well! Micheal- That’s great that you teach in a private school in Wilmington! Alex Reid- I’m looking into the Doctorate program as well.. But not for a couple of years! Congrats for going for your degree. Steve- That’s so cool about the ipad program at your school! And this is where I leave to go to Open House.


While watching class later this week I had the opportunity to reflect on class: You asked the question what does it mean to be offline? To me being offline, is completely shutting down my computer/ phone. If I am doing school work, chances are I have social media tabs open in the background. Even though, I am not actively engaged in those social media sites, they are still there where I can see them! I like being offline. I feel like I can just relax once I am not connected to the world. However, I tend to check the social media sites as soon as I come home from work. This takes my mind off of work and the social media helps me bring myself out of work mode! However, I will allow myself a certain amount of time then turn it off to grade papers and be “teachery” or “Studious”.  I agree with a classmate when she states that it could be scary going offline. I never thought of that before!

Facts: The facts are not filtered when they come to you in a search. Some things might be irrelevant. I tried to google myself and I only came up on google+. This is still new to me, so I am going to try to see if I can make this more private! Evernote.com seems like a great concept! I cannot wait to try to use it!


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