Week 3: Pitfalls and opportunities of the Web

on September 13, 2012

Week 3:

After looking at the various blogs and short videos, I was introduced to dangers and opportunities of the web as well as ways to manage information overload.  Many of the blogs and videos introduced opened my eyes to various viewpoints. Stephen Mangat introduced a variety of sites that I would like to take advantage of in order to prevent information overload. I really liked his idea of Hoot Suite because it blocked out time to set up future social media posts. I never heard of anything like this so I view this as an advantage of social media. I also liked his suggestion of using Pigeon. With this site, I can integrate many chats at once. I would be curious to see how this could possibly be used in our classroom. Seeing Pigeon as an opportunity, this is another site that I have interest in using one day. Another opportunity, to using social media is the ease at which documents can be edited and handled. Having both Drop Box and Google Docs available to the public, it creates opportunities for collaboration.

I truly believe that the web provides so many wonderful opportunities. If someone does not know the answer to something, the answer is just seconds away. This then creates a fuller bank of knowledge enhancing their educational journey. The web provides endless means of learning new ideas. I consider myself a lifelong learner, so the web would be a great opportunity for me to explore my lifelong learner goals. Also, the web provides many opportunities to collaborate with those that you know and those that you don’t know. It’s a great concept for everyone to learn because collaborating with others is truly a life skill. What a great way to practice collaboration online. In addition, I use the web to communicate to those I cannot talk to on a daily basis. Those friends and family members that are far away or those parents that I need to contact all become very accessible via the web. The distance disappears and the communication takes seconds to get to that person.

Being that many opportunities were presented, I also saw some of the presenters discuss the dangers on social media. I never actually thought that others viewed the time spent on social networking sites a problem. In college, Facebook was just introduced. At this point in time, only college students with college emails were allowed on. This site when I was an undergrad (2005-2009) was completely a distraction to my studies. Since being a part of Facebook since 2005, I can confidently say I have learned to time manage.  A couple of years later, another site that I find myself on multiple times a day is Pinterest. Unfortunately, after undergraduate work, I have learned to block out time chunks for these sites. I wish I blocked out time while I was an undergrad. Another good point made by Lydia Timmons, was the credibility of the sites. I truly never learned “valid” sites from “invalid” sites while in middle school and high school. These were the years when the internet was starting to become a necessity for education. Unfortunately, I was never taught early in my “Internet” training the valid and invalid sources available online. Another pitfall that I recently noticed is a similar pitfall that Stephen mentions. A couple of months ago, I recently got my first smartphone. I was hardly checking Facebook, never had an Instagram account, or a Nike + account. Now, the convenience of the social media pushes me to constantly check what is going on. I never checked social media sites so much before my Iphone arrived. Checking this social media, could be a danger to my other priorities but it can also danger other people’s life. So many people are checking their social networking sites while driving. Although, there are laws in most states forbidding people to use their phones, people still go ahead and check their sites while driving. Another, pitfall of social media could be that it ultimately determines your future career, internship or college choice. More and more employers are checking social networking sites. It makes me question.. since I have been working for four years with the same school district, would they have the interest or care to go ahead and check my Facebook page for example? Back when applying for jobs, I do not think many employers utilized these tools to find out more of their candidate. However, in four years things have changed.

I came across a diagram of the top 10 social networking sites. I have an account with 5 of 10 sites. My connection with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, and Google+ all to me are beneficial opportunities for my life. Whether it be keeping connections with friends, finding helpful articles, or communicating all of these sites are opportunities. This is a simple visual that helps me compare myself to the others that are connected with social networking. It’s interesting to see how I compare.  The above image was taken from http://r-rwebdesign.com/blog/?p=1596

The below video clip asks the question “what does the industrial revolution, Renaissance time period and social networking time period”  have in common. It was such a catchy introduction, I decided to keep watching. I never put together that these periods all impacted and made a significant contribution to mankind. I really liked that connection this recent video made so I wanted to share it to the class. The link was found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bveXo-BZrJQ.



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