Week 4: Organizing social media

on September 19, 2012

On your blog, reflect on how the different tools you have explored this week could be useful to you. As a second part to your blog post, answers the following question: What are the difference between aggregating and curating?

             After looking back at the new tools that I tried this week, I can find some positives and some negatives about my experiences with each tool. Overall, I believe these resources will become easier to use once I really dig into them throughout this semester. The sites that were shared this week all offered ways to organize social media content. At first, I never knew such a thing existed. I honestly, never knew of ways to organize social media. Currently, I just check every social media site that I need to in a given time frame. Yes, I block off time. By currently having a lifestyle that just naturally checks the sites daily, I am hesitant about sites that manage information flow at this point in time.

                The first site that I tried out was Google Reader. At first, I wasn’t sure how to begin but once I started clicking around, I began to like this opportunity. I found this option particularly helpful when participating in class through my classmate’s blogs. I found it very easy to comment on my classmates blogs because I found the information all in a central location. I think I will like using this option throughout the semester because of the accessibility of it.

                The next option that I found and signed up for was ifttt.com. I am still a little hesitant while maneuvering through this site. I was not sure of the “exact recipe” to create so I created a recipe that uses the if then statement, “If I update my WordPress then I will have a Tweet share out my post”. I will have to check back on this site to see if I set my recipe correct. I also set the tag to #UDSNF12. I can tell I will need to really use this site to understand it.

                In addition, I signed up for Hootsuite. Again, this is a site that I am not confident in interacting with just yet. I created two streams of ideas, a Twitter stream and a WordPress stream. I really like how there are different tabs for each main idea that I set up. I am still in the process of figuring out if I can follow my classmates blogs while using this site. I do not think I would like to add my personal sites to Hootsuite just yet. I want more practice with this before I go ahead and add Facebook for example. I also want to try out scheduling updates via this site. That concept just seems interesting to me.

                Netvibes.com is the last new site that I signed up for. This site seemed the most confusing to me. I am unsure of the big idea behind this site other than to follow hashtags. I am currently following our hashtag of #UDSNF12 on this website and that is all that I figured out how to do. If anyone has any tips on using this site please share…  

                After looking through various sources I was able to figure out what curation and arrgregation meant. According to http://socialmediamagic.com/blog/difference-aggregating-curating-twitter/, “aggregation is content creation, and curation is content sourcing and sharing.” I can assume that aggregation means posting your own ideas while curation is finding other sources then sharing them out. I also read Shatzkin Files and came across the following idea; ” Aggregation, of course, simply means pulling together things which are not necessarily connected.” Visit the following site, to see the whole story. http://www.idealog.com/blog/aggregation-and-curation-two-concepts-that-explain-a-lot-about-digital-change/. For example, curation means that a person gets to choose which information they present while aggregation is the collection of ideas related to a topic.


One response to “Week 4: Organizing social media

  1. Hi,
    I liked your blog on your experience with web 2.0 tools. I starting a late and finished Wk 3 Assignment last night. Plan to work on Wk today or tonight. You are much further along than me. I am just getting into the social circle and figuring out to hast tag the group. If you have any pointers, please share.

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