Week 6: Revamping Me

on October 3, 2012

       After looking at a variety of About Me pages, I decided to create a background that deals with my passion. At first, I just thought this was a site geared towards work based ideas but then saw others include pictures of their interests. Many about me pages included the individual’s picture. I am still unsure about posting my actual picture so I uploaded a new picture. I went from having a plain black background to a background of the beach. I also had a plain microscope image that resembled a science teacher. With my about me page face lift, I wanted to include an image that I actually took. I changed the font and made my name stand out a little more. My professional brand stands out with the personal image that I took of the beach. It brings out my personal interests but also gives a brief update of 7th grade science.

The below picture shows the “before” and “after” of my About Me page. I really am glad I was able to revamp this site as an assignment. I like my new page because I turned it a little more personal.  My new About Me page is the one with the beach.


Above images were screen shots from by before and after About Me page. http://about.me/craigkaitlin

After asking a classmate Stacey for advice, I received the following suggestion. “I think your About Me Page looks great. I really like the font that you selected for your name. It draws my attention right away. The background that you selected went right along with your idea about studying with Hawaii. I’m not sure if we have to give something for you to change, but the only suggestion I would have is to maybe include what your plans are with your new degree, and maybe delete the bottom part “Welcome to 7th Grade science! I am looking….” This makes it seem like your audience is only your students.”

I decided to make use of my Twitter account and see if any classmates would like to check out my about me page.  I also got the opinion of a graphic designer. He had made suggestions to my about me page that I never knew people would look for. He suggested to get rid of “widows” which were the words that fell on a line by themselves. In addition the rag did not have a natural flow. I learned that the rag was how each line ended whether it be a shorter word or a longer word on the end of the line. Graphic designers look for the appeal of the text on each line which I just learned about from him.

As for my blog, I really am content with the design so far. I like the bright colors and the current theme. I just would try to limit the content on the blog as per discussed in class. Most people like to read shorter blogs that are to the point. I feel some of my posts might be on the longer side which might be unappealing to students to read through.

One site that provided helpful tips was http://www.onextrapixel.com/2010/09/06/how-to-write-an-effective-about-me-page/. This site suggested that a picture is put on the about me page because it adds a personal touch to the site. It also creates a list of what to place on the About Me page.

  1. Name and profession
  2. Specialty, niche, or area of focus
  3. Experience – list number of years experience, any high-end clients, or if worked for a well-known company
  4. Useful personality traits – pays attention to detail, thinker, entrepreneurial mindset, perfectionist
  5. Publications, interviews, or other recognitions in the design community
  6. Education and work experience
  7. Location, age, general family life




One response to “Week 6: Revamping Me

  1. camreich says:

    The list of what to post on the about.me page is extra helpful. Thanks!

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