Social Networking Policy

on October 4, 2012

At first, I assumed social networking was for entertainment purposes only. I used various sites like Facebook and Instagram to connect with family and friends on a personal level. However, after being exposed to a number of other sites I have created some guidelines on how I handle each.

Facebook: This site will be used to connect to friends and family on a strictly personal level. I have not opened up Facebook to my professional life. For example, there are various Facebook pages that are my District’s page or my school’s page. I will not be friends with them because I would rather not become friends with the parents or even students that are also friends with my district. I would rather not follow those types of pages on Facebook.

Twitter: I joined Twitter a couple of years ago to keep in touch with friends. Over the years, my friends lost interest and I found the use of Twitter start to help my professional environment. I follow science pages, news pages and other professional organizations. Twitter is starting to turn into  my professional social media site.

Google+: I strictly use Google + for a professional learning environment. I connect to my education and my peers in my class. I do not use this site for personal use.

Pinterest: At first, I was exposed to Pinterest in an entertainment personal use only environment. However, I am beginning to see the potential that Pinterest has in a professional setting. I am very impressed with all of the boards that relate to social networking. I will find these boards useful in the future when I have time to go through all of the pins.


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