Week 8: Edupunk

on October 19, 2012


Above photo is taken from EDUPUNK battle royale on Youtube.

When I first heard this question, I though immediately yes I would feel comfortable stepping out of the institutionally supported technologies, however I started thinking. I would like to consider myself both a teacher and a student. If I look at this question with my teacher hat on, I would like to say yes I feel comfortable stepping out of the supported technologies. I always am looking for ways to step out of the box as a teacher and by presenting different technologies I feel that I am succeeding. According to Wikipedia, it quotes The New York Times; The New York Times defines it as “an approach to teaching that avoids mainstream tools like PowerPoint and Blackboard, and instead aims to bring the rebellious attitude and D.I.Y. ethos of ’70s bands like The Clash to the classroom.” With this said, I can say I am avoiding mainstream tools like PowerPoint (to the point where I never made a PowerPoint for teaching ever) I think it is very imperative to avoid such mainstreams to keep the engagement of the student. I personally believe it is up to the teacher to keep up to date with the technologies available for a couple of reasons. Not only do I want to stay current with the technologies but I think the students will be more engaged.

However, as a student if I look at this question, I can confidently give a different answer. I think I am set in my ways, given that this is my 8th year at UD. I have used Sakai  and MyCourses throughout and became comfortable with each. According to the article in the chronicle posted at http://chronicle.com/article/Blogs-Instead-of-Blackboard/44412/, it stated “When Blackboard is down, it’s like the door to the college is nailed shut,” said Joseph Ugoretz, director of technology and learning at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College, explaining that some professors use the software to administer quizzes and teach online.” I can completely agree with this statement because most courses in my higher education required use of Sakai, or MyCourses. It was true that I panicked when I did not have access to these sites. With this said, as a student I would like to just use what I am familiar with and complete the assignments. At this point, I do not have time to learn a new LMS because I have many hats to juggle. I am very open to change but when it comes to learning content then earning a grade for that content, I am very simple. Whichever way that I can learn my content and earn a grade for this will work for me. Obviously change will take place in the future and I am content with these systems changing. When those changes happen I will embrace it with hesitation only because I have become familiar with programs already.

There are many implications of going ‘Edupunk’. Some big ideas of going “Edupunk” are some that Anya shared in the video clip. I learned that DIY credential technology makes education inclusive. She was very optimistic about going Edupunk because of the growth of the learners curiosity. She states it is an “exciting time to be a learner.” Learners can determine their self fate collectively through technology. Basically the opportunities for learners are growing! DIY will help drive down cost of getting high quality education. According to “EDUPUNK battle” Jim Groom  states that “Edupunk brings culture into learning.” I think that was the overarching theme throughout this week.


One response to “Week 8: Edupunk

  1. When I responding to the course work for this week, I never thought about it from a learner’s point of view. I enjoyed your perspective. It is indeed an exciting time to be a learner. Hopefully as educators we can push ourselves to be the edupunks of our schools.

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