Week 9: Google Docs

on October 27, 2012

Recently, a fellow science teacher introduced Google docs to me. I’ve used this before so I wasn’t so sure how he was going to elaborate on such a topic. Sure enough, he briefed me on Google Docs in the classroom. He explained how such a service can be used to create assessments. I never knew such a thing was possible! I was intrigued mostly with the computer grading such an assignment. He mentioned that I would need to organize my test questions in a spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet will organize all of the student’s answers so the teacher can see all 135 answers just right there. Little things like this would make a teachers grading load reduce drastically. I also learned that many students can log into the Google Doc at once and submit their answers at once. This use of Google Docs just seems genius.

Being, it was such a brief conversation, this is definitely  something that I would like to further research. I want to utilize his expertise in a mini lesson eventually to learn how to do this for my own classroom. I would like to watch tutorials, read handbooks and mainly speak to him to answer all of my many unanswered questions.   Some of my unanswered questions include:

1.  Do the students need an email account to take the test?

2. Can the students see the scores as soon as they submit it?

3.  How do I do create a test?

4. Can I go back and delete questions once the students have taken it?


* If any of you have any background on creating a test on Google Docs, please let me know.

Some useful websites that I have in my searching so far include:





4 responses to “Week 9: Google Docs

  1. kotchjester says:

    I am not familiar with google docs which makes me feel a bit dumb. I am interested in learning more about the uses of google besides “googling” for information, and using google plus to post things. For the first time the other day, I used google docs with my group to edit a paper together. It seems like there is so much to learn!

  2. I have used Google Docs forms for surveys in the workplace. It’s amazing!! And the results go into an Excel spreadsheet automatically. You do not need an email for every student if you give them the link to it. You can change questions after some have taken it, if you need to.

    I love using Google Docs. It is a cloud drive as well. So you don’t need to carry a thumb drive.

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