Week 10: Copyright

on November 5, 2012

Looking back on my blog posts, I can say the posts that I am most unsure about are the ones which I “jinged”. This may or may not be a word but to me it means that I simply took a screen shot of a part of a website through Jing then added it to my post. Most of the times, I did not get a Google image rather I screen captured the website.  I used Jing to take a snap shot of various websites and then I simply posted it into my blog. By doing such a copy/ paste technique it just makes me unsure of myself. Although, in most of my screen shots I gave credit to the website, I just feel that it is still not enough credit. In a blog, is it proper to go ahead and site each source using apa/mla format? According to Renee Hobbs, something can be copyrighted as soon as it is created. Since I created this screen shot does this mean that no one else can steal this screen shot? However, according to the Fairy Use video, an idea cannot be copyrighted. This was just an idea that turned into an image after “Jinging”. After thinking about the articles and what I’ve been taught in the past, I am just not confident on how to cite these images.

                After looking at the publication by Cornell, the “checklist for conducting a fair use analysis”, it helped me determine what I feel comfortable using with my students. For example, I will be looking for sources then identifying how I will be using that source. For example, I can either use that as educational, productive or nonprofit.  I will then look at the nature of the copyrighted material and the amount copied. Lastly, I will look at the effect on the market of the original. After I analyze all aspects I will determine if this is something that I feel comfortable using.


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