Technology Tool Project

on November 11, 2012

Being a teacher, this tool has wonderful potential for my personal productivity. I develop these Quizlets so the students can learn key vocabulary at home. I’ve noticed most students would rather use technology to learn the vocabulary words than study through paper and pencil. With the generation that I am teaching, I always try to connect to them. One easy way to connect is through the use of technology. This simple program will help me become more connected to them but also help the student learn. There are many advantages to this site. The students can monitor their own learning while focusing their attention to the words that they need to remember. Also, the students will be using  free technology so that will be convenient for them. The student can either use the teacher created set of vocabulary words or create their own set of vocabulary words. The computer will generate a definition or the user can insert their own definition for the vocabulary word. One disadvantage to this type of program would be that it would not cater to those students that do not have internet access at home.

I have also shared these tools with colleagues. Similarly, my colleagues now like to use Quizlet. I am glad that I can teach my fellow teachers about such a great website. All subjects can utilize this service to help students learn. My fellow teachers not only use it for their students, but use it for their own studying for their doctorate level classes. By teaching others, I am growing professionally in my productivity.

You will see three videos attached to this blog. The first video will describe what Quizlet is all about and the potential it has. The second video will describe how to use this site using Jing. The last video that you will see is the founder of the site getting interviewed on a morning show. He describes how he uses this site.


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